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Wednesday, November 26, 2003
Con 'Evidence' for Link Is Administration Ploy, Pro Making an Iraq-Al Qaeda Link and Spinsanity Pundits overstate Iraq/Al Qaeda links.

Some holiday reading:

The Guardian has several opinions on How do we get out of Iraq?

The FTAA and America's enemy within.

It's Big Brother, Bush's Monitoring of Protests Belies His Stated Support for Free Speech.

Duh, Bush Dishonors Fallen Soldiers.

Duh, again, Despite Bush Boast of Ouster, Taliban is Rebuilding on the Ground in Afghanistan.

Sorrows of Empire.

One Man Against Secrecy.

Future of Iraq Project.

Meet the Press. How James Glassman reinvented journalism--as lobbying.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003
You gotta love Paul Krugman, The Uncivil War.

David Corn on The 9/11 Cover-up.

Oh yes and those pesky Weapons of Mass Hysteria just will not go away.

Sunday, November 23, 2003
I will try and post this week. It is a holiday week so I may not post too often.

Hmm. They would never use the war for Scaring Up Votes, would they?

A little more History, How we denied democracy to the Middle East.

William Rivers Pitt, Donkeys of Mass Destruction. When I see articles like this I know most people are just not paying attention.

This is not good! 3 G.I.'s Are Killed in Iraq, Including 2 With Slashed Throats.

One man's take on the recent "biggest" story in the American media, Michael Jackson Story is a Plot.

Friday, November 21, 2003
Here we go again, Patriot Act Expansion Moves Through Congress. Scroll down and look at the face in the article, scary! Check out Bill of Rights Defense Committee, linked in the article.

Thom Hartmann on why our founders separated church and state among other things, The Founders Confront Judge Moore.

Bush and the environment, Crimes Against Nature by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Long)

Evidence of the war making the world safer:

Terrorism Inc.

Experts See Major Shift in Al Qaeda's Strategy.

Germany's spy chief warns al-Qaida threat rises on growth of anti-U.S. mood in Arab world.

Krugman on the Medicare bill and the AARP, AARP Gone Astray.

The Energy bill goes first, Senate vote on energy bill today.

Our next vice president? Max Cleland.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Go to and check out all the new stuff

Eric Alterman rips on Fox, Murdoch and their lack of coverage of the 9/11 Commission. The what? Think Again: For 9/11 Investigation, Where Is Fox?

What happened previously when Iraq was invaded you ask. History: For centuries, we've been 'liberating' the Middle East. Why do we never learn?

It's time for new leadership in the Democratic Party. The heat is turning up on Daschle and rightfully so. If Tom Daschle Doesn't Crack the Whip and Get His Caucus to Filibuster the "Trojan Horse/Poison Pill" GOP Medicare Bill, the Democrats Will Probably Face a Massive Defeat in 2004. Here is Why. (I love the Buzzlash headlines).

Kos is in agreement, Choosing a leader.

This is old but it shows how your government is withholding information from you, 9/11 Panel Reaches Deal On Access To Papers. I'm not sure Max Cleland was in on the deal:
"If this decision stands, I, as a member of the commission, cannot look any American in the eye, especially family members of victims, and say the commission had full access," Cleland said. "This investigation is now compromised. . . . This is 'The Gong Show'; this isn't protection of national security."
Protesters Tell a Different Tale of Free Trade.

Photos from London.

Richard Perle is an amazing man, War critics astonished as US hawk admits invasion was illegal.

Boy Turkey is sure taking some hits. Here is the latest, Al Qaeda blast kills Britons. Why is Al Qaeda attacking Turkey? If this is Al Qaeda, as many are quick to point out, then why are they attacking Turkey? My little pin head has a theory, If it is Al Qaeda. It takes some setup. We have been hearing from this administration for a long time about this, Iraq urges tighter border control:
The United States has said it believes the people behind recent attacks in Iraq have come in from neighboring countries.

Last month, President George W Bush warned Syria and Iran to do more to prevent terrorists crossing into Iraq, saying he expected them to "enforce borders".
Then yesterday this article was written, Few Signs of Infiltration by Foreign Fighters in Iraq:
During a period in which border patrols have been intensified and new technology is being used, that number suggests only modest foreign incursions into Iraq, in contrast to estimates by the Bush administration.
So once again what is really happening in Iraq is not what the administration wants us to believe. Which leads to the question: Why does the Bush administration want us to believe that people from other countries (Al Qaeda) are coming into Iraq and killing our soldiers? It feeds the war without end, PNAC plan. It leaves options open on Syria, Iran and even Saudi Arabia. If we blame the Turkey attacks on Al Qaeda, especially Al Qaeda from Iraq, this would seem to be enticing Turkey to ally itself even more with the US. It could also be fuelling Turkish rage against Iraq. If it is Al Qaeda then they seem to be using the Bush lies against them and trying to get Turkey into Iraq to blow the whole situation up. If Turkey comes in it's civil war!

Wednesday, November 19, 2003
There's Something Happening Here, what it is aint exacltly clear.

What the British feel, US and Them, Criticizing the Bush Administration's Belligerent Foreign Policy does not add up to Visceral Anti-Americanism.

Here is the text of Howard Dean's speech in Houston yesterday, THE PROMISE OF AMERICA. An excerpt:
Enron Economics benefits those who make the most -- their share of the tax burden declined from 28 percent in the 1990s to nearly 20 percent today. Meanwhile, everyone else suffers -- cities and states across America are raising property taxes health insurance premiums and college tuition. Schools are closing and teachers and police officers are being laid off. Funding for Medicaid and housing is being cut and our infrastructure continues to crumble.
Well that Dean he's for class warfare. I sure hope so.

Apparently major combat operations are not over, Explosions, shortages, instability: In Baghdad, it's back to the future.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003
Here is the headline, America can wage war again, alone: Bush. Here is the first paragraph:
The US would wage war again, and alone if necessary, to ensure the long-term safety of the world, President George W. Bush said in an interview published today.
Long-term safety of the world? If I had a son coming of age right now I would be really scared. The draft appears to be coming back and now we know why. War without end, Amen! The story linked below about kids names being turned over to military recruiters by the school districts. Not to mention this article from a few weeks ago, Will U.S. Bring Back the Draft?, seem to make my point. One more thing from this article. In the fourth paragraph we read:
The paper quoted Bush as saying US forces and their coalition allies had ended the tyranny of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, smashed the grip of Osama bin Laden?‚’s al Qaida network in Afghanistan and forced the UN to stop turning its back on terror.
Now I'm no expert BUT doesn't this administration continues to blame all the death going on in Iraq on Saddam loyalists. If the tyranny of Saddam has ended how is he still commanding the insurgents? Exactly where is Osama? Are you aware that the Taliban appears to be back and that we still have soldiers dying there? Which leads me to ask the question what the hell is this guy talking about and does anyone believe him? This sounds like some guy that never reads the paper and just has someone tell him what they deem important. Maybe I'm just getting a sense of what's going on.

Oh yeah, I forgot this one from the mayor of London, Livingstone says Bush is 'greatest threat to life on planet'

Today's News:

You gotta love this one, BUSH PULLS OUT OF SPEECH TO PARLIAMENT. Here is the first paragraph:
GEORGE Bush was last night branded chicken for scrapping his speech to Parliament because he feared being heckled by anti-war MPs.
What do you make of this? 4,000 names given to military recruiters.

I believe in layman's terms it's called ****ing with your head, How the Orwellian White House Continues to Keep the Saddam-9/11 Connection Alive, Even After Bush Debunked the Lie. They Are the Masters of "1984" Double Speak.

Karen Kwiatkowski, Neo-Jacobin Fire Starters. There are some great links in this article.

Another article along similar lines, THE NEOCONS ARE LOSING, form Justin Raimondo at,

Have you seen how the number of dead US soldiers have been adding up lately? Some might say it's because of Ramadan. Some might say the Iraqis have had time to regroup and now they are striking back. I personally hope it is just Ramadan because that means when it's over the killing will slow. We will just have to wait and see to find out which theory is correct. A sign pointing against Ramadan is the fact that this administration is changing policy because of the mounting casualties. Not only political policy but military policy as well, Operation Ivy Cyclone(?). Who comes up with the names? Many people say that this is Bush's plan to get out before the election. Whatever the plan is I'm sure glad we finally have a President that doesn't govern by the polls!

Monday, November 17, 2003
William Rivers Pitt, The Other Memo Scandal.

Molly Ivins, Is Texas America?

Stan Goff, Hold On to Your Humanity: An Open Letter to GIs in Iraq .

Bill Moyers, Keynote Address to the National Conference on Media Reform.

Good read on the current fight, The battle for the soul of the Democratic Party.

This from Altercation on the story over the weekend that the administration had evidence of a link between Saddam and Al Qaida

Case Open Again, and boy, that was quick. DOD to Weekly Standard (and Fox News, as well as about a few zillion pro war bloggerz) re alleged big scoop on Iraq and Al Qaida: “Um, never mind.” We await a corrections. The CIA says it’s nonsense too though the Post has buried this as it does all of Walter Pincus’ terrific reporting.
Check this one out, US agrees to international control of its troops in Iraq.

Friday, November 14, 2003
This is the best daily reference available, The Progress Report, from the Center for American Progress. It's the new progressive think tank and they are doing a good job so far.

Let's start with this today, Americans Reevaluate Going to War with Iraq.

Thursday, November 13, 2003
A couple from the greatest generation:

Uncensored Gore, Gore Vidal that is.

On Hope and Activism by Studs Terkel.

An update on where we stand in Iraq:

'We could lose this situation'.

The Bush Administration's Palpable Sense of Panic .

Wednesday, November 12, 2003
Is it finally piling up? How much more will we take? Remember we are now living without the liberties we were given in the Bill of Rights. Al Gore explained this very well on Sunday.

Piling On!:

For those that keep up this is a total rehash. The thing I found interesting about this article is they go through the whole history of Cheney and the Neocons and there is no mention of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC)! Cheney’s Long Path to War.

Krugman's Veterans Day column, Support the Troops.

The former inspector is at it again, Defining the resistance in Iraq - it's not foreign and it's well prepared.

This is just plain sad, Indignities Endured by U.S. Military Veterans.

Monday, November 10, 2003
Ever heard of the Powell Doctrine? Here it is in a nutshell,
After the end of Persian Gulf War in 1991, Colin Powell, then chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, outlined his vision for efficient and decisive military action. His plan is now referred to as the Powell Doctrine, although there is not an actual formal document named as such. Powell, currently the U.S. secretary of state, has recently invoked the Doctrine in articulating the justifications for the Bush administration's preparations for war in Iraq. Essentially, the Doctrine expresses that military action should be used only as a last resort and only if there is a clear risk to national security by the intended target; the force, when used, should be overwhelming and disproportionate to the force used by the enemy; there must be strong support for the campaign by the general public; and there must be a clear exit strategy from the conflict in which the military is engaged.

Powell based this strategy for warfare in part on the views held by his former boss in the Reagan administration, Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, and also on his own experience as a major in Vietnam. That protracted campaign, in Powell's view, was representative of a war in which public support was flimsy, the military objectives were not clear, overwhelming force was not used consistently, and an exit strategy was ill defined.
I remember that this was the biggest thing since sliced bread coming out of the first Gulf War. Now looking at this it looks like a pretty good plan to use in planning for a war. He sold his biography on this. Not to mention qualities like this were his main assets for becoming Secretary of State. He didn't just abandon one, he abandoned all but one, the use of overwhelming force. So why did he abandon this doctrine that he built his life on? It was after the SOTU speech that Powell went from the voice of reason in this administration to joining the (Neocon)club. In that speech the President promised $15 to Africa for AIDS and within two weeks he was at the UN making the case. I don't know why I thought of this today. Maybe it was the article I linked earlier about Iraq is not for sale. Me and my wife always wonder how these people sleep at night and I always say, "On a big pile of money"!

This from a Mossad Agent, Mossad Chief: Invasion Has Created a Holy War. A Mossad Agent? When they start going against you that's trouble.

A little more to think about, Iraq is not America's to sell.

Another opinion, How We Denied Democracy to the Middle East, We Created This Place, Weaned the Grotesque Dictators. And We Expect the Arabs to Trust Bush's Promise?

More reaction to the speech, Noble Rhetoric Supports Democracy While Ignoble Policies Support Repression.

What needs to be done to change our direction, Iraq Spins Out of Control: Where are the Democrats and the Peace Movement?

Did you see your Presidents major foreign policy speech last week? Well here it is, Remarks by the President at the 20th Anniversary of the National Endowment for Democracy. With this speech the war on terror (or "tara" as POTUS says) has now morphed into a war to democratize the Middle East. So if anyone was hoping we would be done soon, think again! Some reaction, I'd would be laughable, were it not so pathetic'.

Friday, November 07, 2003
The Neocon expert gives us her opinion on the pre-war peace offer, Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory by Karen Kwiatkowski

The jobs news is out, Payrolls Surge, Third Straight Rise. Pay close attention to this paragraph:
A large portion of the payrolls increase came from the service sector, which added 143,000 jobs, the largest climb since January. The Labor Department said a grocery strike and lockout affecting 70,000 workers in Southern California had a net positive impact on employment.
This is on the second page of the link. From what I understand of this it means that when these people came back from striking they were counted as being rehired. That's 70,000 workers counted as rehired who were just coming back from a strike. This is not job creation! Here is how the article starts:
The U.S. economy added more than twice the number of jobs expected in October, the third straight monthly gain, and the jobless rate fell, the government said on Friday in a report pointing to a labor market recovery.

The Labor Department also made substantial upward revisions to payrolls for August and September, a sign sizzling economic growth in the third quarter translated into more jobs.

The number of workers on U.S. payrolls outside the farm sector in October soared 126,000, the largest rise since January, after climbing 125,000 in the previous month. The number far outstripped analyst expectations for a 58,000 gain.
Now I'm no math major but 126,000 less 70,000 leaves 56,000. Which would be right at what they estimated, 58,000. Boy them statistics is some funny thangs!

How does this make you feel? Suspect Code Used in State Votes.

Paul Krugman on the flag flap, Flags Versus Dollars.

This seems to be one of the hottest stories right now, Baghdad Scrambled to Offer Deal to U.S. as War Loomed. There are so many angles to this thing. Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo gives his analysis. My analysis is that if Perle is involved he must be using this to help his agenda. Which means it is probably to discredit the CIA. Remember this story from last month, Iran-Contra figure re-emerges as middleman for Iraq information to U.S. government. It's seems like the Neocons can pull stories like this out whenever they need one. How does the White House resound you ask? White House US 'exhausted' Iraq war alternatives, which makes it seem that they did not see it as credible. So why is this news? There is a huge battle going on right now between the White House and the CIA over who is to blame for Iraq. This makes the CIA look bad but the White House appears on their side. Most people don't know that Perle is one of their attack dogs. Still the story is widely reported and that puts it into the consciousness of many. Another seed of doubt to pile on the CIA.

The Morning News:
More traitors only talking about the bad news, Six Killed in Helicopter Crash in Iraq.

More cooperation from the White House, White House Puts Limits on Queries From Democrats.

Helen Thomas on the blame game, Buck Doesn't Stop With President Bush.

It's guns vs. butter, the military industrial complex (MIC), Read It and Weep .

Thursday, November 06, 2003
I mentioned this book on Tuesday. Here is a link to some excerpts, Enlightening Excerpts from Brezinsky's "The Grand ChessBoard".

More on Bush and his ignoring of the dead, Death Be Not Loud.

A little history on why we have a deficit and its purpose, THE ART OF THE FAIT ACCOMPLI.

Howard Dean's remarks yesterday on the Confederate flag flap. He is also asking his supporters to vote on whether his campaign should accept federal matching funds in the campaign. There is plenty of information at the website about this and how to vote, One more opinion on this, Dean's Right on Appeal to Southern Whites.

Let's start with this, Silly word games and weapons of mass destruction.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003
Have you heard about the Howard Dean, confederate flag flap? Here is a good breakdown of it, Confederate Flog and why it is a total non-story. There is also a some comments on last nights debate.

This was hinted at yesterday in one article I posted but the draft seems to be getting closer to reality. Will U.S. Bring Back the Draft?, Defense Web Site Seeks Volunteers Conscription Abolished in '73.

Did you see how the $87 supplemental spending bill for Iraq was passed? It was the largest supplemental spending bill in history. It passed on a voice vote, Chicken senators and four-flushing financiers. This shows what weak people we have running our country, the exception being Robert Byrd. I honestly do not know what to say about this. Remember that Kerry and Edwards did not have the guts to show up for this. Nobody wanted to be on record for voting for or against this bill, except Robert Byrd. The millionaires club decided to do this one so nobody would get hurt. One more take on this, Land of the brave, and some others.

I guess I should say something about this whole Reagan mini-series thing but in the big picture I am so uninterested in it that it all just seems sad. I never would have watched it and probably not many other people would have either. Now people will be lined up when Showtime airs this thing. If you read the above link, I purposefully linked the McPaper story.
Others say the skittishness was a unique response to Ronald Reagan, 92, a conservative icon who is battling Alzheimer's disease and who has powerful political supporters. "He was the standard looked up to by every conservative politician as a man who essentially gave them back their dignity," a TV executive says. "When you go after him, it's like going after George Washington."
Let's see now: Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt,..... Reagan!? I don't think so. If this is an unflattering portrayal of the Reagans well they can just look to the Kennedys for advice because it seems like they have a mini-series like this done on someone in their family every year. To me what it shows is who makes the decisions about what we see on TV. It is not the writers, actors, reporters or anyone else. It is the corporate executives that make the decisions. Once again the corporate media bias rears its ugly head.

This article takes on Iraqification: Losing Strategy. Iraqification, is basically handing the occupation over to Iraqi's. This is the strategy of the present time to fix what is wrong in Iraq. See what you think.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003
Remember a few weeks ago when you President was talking about the media filter? Well it appears the filter is working just fine, for his agenda. I linked this article a few weeks ago, Curtains Ordered for Media Coverage of Returning Coffins. Here is a more recent one, Pentagon keeps dead out of sight, on the same subject. This is a story that seems to be getting picked up on more and more in recent days. Today I see this story, Bush Speeches Omit Soldiers Killed in Helicopter. Isn't it interesting that they are trying to duck the dead any way they can. No pictures of coffins. Do not speak directly about specific dead people just "our fallen soldiers". As long as the dead do not have a face put to them it's doesn't cause a problem. Also, I believe those filtering your President's media intake do not want him seeing the dead. I wonder if he even knows that helicopter went down? He must, right?
"I glance at the headlines, just to get kind of a flavor," he told Brit Hume of Fox News last month. But, "I rarely read the stories" because "a lot of times there's opinions mixed in with news." Instead, "I get briefed by [White House Chief of Staff] Andy Card and Condi [Rice, the national security adviser] in the morning."
He must have seen it when he glanced at the headlines just to get his flavor for the day.

I'm not sure who writes his speeches but they are good, A High Price for a Hollow Victory by US Senator Robert Byrd Senate Floor Remarks November 3, 2003.

William Rivers Pitt, Assassin's History. He makes an argument about how our Country would have been different if 5 assassinations in the '60's (Medgar Evers, JFK, Malcolm X, MLK, and RFK) wouldn't have happened. It's a little too rosy of a picture for me. I do not think these people were saints but they would have instituted better policies than we have today. Makes you think about what could have been.

The remarks of Zbigniew Brzezinski at the Center for American Progress' Conference on New American Strategies for Security and Peace. He was Carter's principal foreign policy advisor during the '76 campaign and wrote the book, The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and its Geostrategic Imperatives

So what are our options in Iraq? After reading this Paul Krugman column, This Can't Go On, it seems to me that our options are limited. Here's the last paragraph:
Just as the federal government is in no immediate danger of running out of money, our forces in Iraq are in no danger of outright defeat. But in both cases, current policies appear to be unsustainable: we can't go on like this indefinitely. And things that can't go on forever, don't.
In other words we are going to be in Iraq for a long time with our soldiers dying for a long time. Unless....., ever heard of "mini-nukes"? Check this out, Neocon-Friendly Solutions for Manning Shortfalls in the War Against Terror.With the Neocon solution we might not need more troops.
Apparently, moving to a draft in this age of 2.1 kids per American family would cause a political mushroom cloud directly over the White House, generating a shock wave that would flatten the Capital Building. Oops. Hold that thought! Staying on theme is the very model of a modern major neo-con, so what about mini-nukes in lieu of the draft? Small, five kiloton yield battlefield nuclear weapons would be great at blowing things up, like small Muslim cities, and perhaps later - after they become popular enough and the price comes down - small Midwestern American cities as well. The one pictured above was called Hornet, set off in 1955, and it was only 4 kilotons. And they will all be made in America, keeping the fat cats at United Defense and others purring like kittens. Damn, we could even name them after the leading neoconservatives at the Pentagon and National Review!
I found out about this woman a few weeks ago and her writings are great. She takes apart the Neocons as well or better than anyone else. Anyway, instead of the draft we are just going to drop mini-nukes on problem cities. I don't think we need to wonder anymore if these people are crazy!

Found this last night, Project for the Old American Century.

Monday, November 03, 2003
This post has links to some questions that Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz (scroll down) was asked after a speech at Georgetown University. Every day it gets harder and harder--even though it was tough to begin with-- to take what is going on in Iraq. Then you read something like this. Now most of us can agree that our President was at the first grade level in foreign policy when he took office. During the campaign we were told that we didn't have to worry about that because Cheney would find him some good advisors. One of those advisors is the man that spoke in that previous link. To answer a fellow citizens question like that was a slap in the face. So remember it doesn't matter what your President thinks about foreign policy because he doesn't. It's his advisors thoughts that matter.

Yesterday was a bloody day in Iraq. The bloodiest for American troops since "Mission Accomplished" on May 1st. I'm sure to the President It's just another sign of our success. Here is the difference in media. CNN still doesn't want to admit the Helicopter was shot down, Wounded in chopper crash treated in Germany. Here is the first paragraph:
Sixteen of 20 U.S. soldiers injured in a deadly helicopter crash west of Baghdad were in stable condition Monday at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany, according to the hospital commander.
But that's not all. Here what else happened yesterday. 1ST ARMORED DIVISION SOLDIER DIES FROM WOUNDS and Two U.S. Civilian Contractors Killed by Bomb in Iraq. It looks like we are entering a new phase of some kind in Iraq. I saw one of the Washington establishment, David Gergen, on CNN yesterday. He is always introduced as a Presidential advisor for Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Clinton. He said yesterday we have three choices: Leave, which in his words would be a disaster, like it isn't already. Internationalize, which he thinks cannot be done because we have alienated too many countries. Stay and win, which will take many years and lots of our money. What little I have seen from the White House so far it looks like option three is the one our President is taking, U.S.: American Resolve in Iraq Unshakable.
But White House spokesman Trent Duffy, in a statement read to reporters, said: ``The terrorists seek to kill coalition forces and innocent Iraqis because they want us to run, but our will and resolve are unshakable.''
After that statement I think the war should be renamed from Operation Iraqi Freedom to The Long Hard Slog. I would love to see Bush making a speech with that banner behind him.

Let's start with this, Bush's Other War. It is a good summation of where we are today and why.


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