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Friday, April 23, 2004
He knew too?
9/11: He Saw It Coming
Paul Bremer, the American viceroy in Baghdad, was asked the other day by Meet the Press's Tim Russert to whom he'd be turning over the keys to Iraq on June 30. Bremer couldn't say. But that's when Iraq supposedly gets its sovereignty back and Bremer can go home.

It's that time of year and Buzzflash asks...
It's Spring. Can You Feel the Draft, Yet?
Since we last editorialized on this issue, it has only become more apparent that the U.S. military is in dire condition, short on soldiers, supplies and government support. It's gotten to where the military is calling up troops who aren't medically fit, and is extending the tours of more than 20,000 soldiers -- soldiers who have already served one year and whose families were counting on their return this month.

More on what Woodward didn't say
Sideshow Bob Why Woodward always misses the point
Bob Woodward's new book, Plan of Attack, is like a play in which the most important scenes occur offstage. In a "Note to Readers," Woodward writes:

The aim of this book is to provide the first detailed, behind-the-scenes account of how and why President George W. Bush, his war council and allies decided to launch a preemptive war in Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein.

Yet this is precisely what the book does not provide. Woodward never tells us why Bush decided to go to war. Nor does he pin down just when he made his decision.

Looks like it
Tomgram, LeVine on “sponsored chaos” in Iraq
Here are two stories: Just today, the New York Times front-paged a James Glanz piece, Violence in Iraq Curbs Work of 2 Big Contractors, which began: "The insurgency in Iraq has driven two major contractors, General Electric and Siemens, to suspend most of their operations there, raising new doubts about the American-led effort to rebuild the country as hostilities continue." Yesterday, the San Francisco Chronicle published a piece by David R. Baker entitled, Bechtel's 2003 revenue breaks company record, Iraq rebuilding contracts help S.F. firm reverse a 3-year slump, whose lead paragraph was: "Bechtel Corp., the San Francisco engineering giant rebuilding Iraq, today will report record revenue of $16.3 billion in 2003, reversing a three year slide."



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