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Friday, April 30, 2004
Here are a few items that caught my attention this morning. The first one about the 9-11 Commission is excellent.

The 9-11 Commission Is A Waste Of Time
The commission that has been holding hearings to find out why the Sept. 11, 2001 attack occurred on the Twin Towers in New York, the farm in Pennsylvania and the Pentagon is little more than a waste of time.

Former Navy secretary unleashes tide of Iraq criticism
A critical question for citizens and journalists to ask the U.S. government right now is this: "Under what circumstances will the United States military withdraw from Iraq?"

Powell: U.S. losses diminish support for Bush administration
But Powell said he expects a rebound. "The American people fully understand the value of what we are doing," he said

Fallujah accord leaves US policy in disarray
THE United States’ policy on Iraq was in disarray last night, as the Pentagon admitted it was unaware of a breakthrough agreement to end the siege of Fallujah announced by its troops on the ground.

In Washington, Larry Di Rita, the chief Pentagon spokesman, said: "There’s no deal that we’re aware of." He added that he could not rule out that an agreement was in place, but said that officials at the US military command in Baghdad told him they could not confirm a final deal was sealed.

In Washington, Paul Wolfowitz, the US deputy defence secretary, said the situation in Fallujah was confusing but a deal was being worked on.(Maybe the understatement of the year)



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