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Wednesday, April 21, 2004
I do not like the statement, said by many, "We are at war". I haven't liked it ever since 9/11. I didn't like it in relation to Bosnia/Kosovo either. I don't believe a President should be able to call his use of the military a war unless he goes to Congress and gets them to declare war. Until that time he should have to refer to it as "My Unconstitutional Use of American Military Power". If a President was so sure about his case for war he should be able to sell it to Congress.

Republican campaign felony of the day
Taxpayers unwittingly paying for Republican National Committee's propaganda
It appears that our tax money is being used to spread RNC propaganda.

More good news
Jordan's Snub to Bush Is Tip of Iceberg
When the king of Jordan postponed this week's meeting with President Bush, the snub revealed only a fraction of the humiliation felt by Washington's Arab friends. Constrained by protocol and unwilling to burn bridges with the most powerful country in the world, Arab leaders like King Abdullah can only hint at the dismay they felt when Bush changed U.S. policy last week, diplomats and analysts say.

More deficit spending?
War May Require More Money Soon
Intense combat in Iraq is chewing up military hardware and consuming money at an unexpectedly rapid rate -- depleting military coffers, straining defense contractors and putting pressure on Bush administration officials to seek a major boost in war funding long before they had hoped
Questions for Paul Wolfowitz
Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz is scheduled to testify before the Senate and House Armed Services Committee this week. Rising violence in Iraq this month has forced the Pentagon to extend the tours of 20,000 soldiers originally scheduled to return home. The hearings will provide Congress with an opportunity to closely question Wolfowitz on his previous statements and predictions about post-war Iraq.



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