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Tuesday, April 20, 2004
Random Thoughts:

I think Bob Woodward's book is propaganda. It tells us a bunch of things we already knew: Bush has been lying to the sheeple about when the decision to go to war was made. He has a tight, destructive relationship with the Saudis. He is told by God to do what he is doing. Cheney hates Powell, Powell hates Cheney. Bush won't admit a mistake (WMD). But I think the biggest bit of propaganda in this book is his attempt to make it look like Bush in "engaged". All the talk about when Bush decided to go to war, please. It's when the CEO President was told we were going to war. In all actuality it was done during the 2000 campaign. The White House seems pleased with the book. Unlike those written by former administration members. It's sad that Woodward, All the President's Men Bob Woodward, has sunk to a mouth piece for the White House.

In my state (Texas) a special legislative session is starting today. It's on the eternal problem of school finance. In my state they want to shift the burden from property owners to smokers, gamblers and those that like to frequent adult entertainment establishments. Further going to prove the point that there is no such thing as a tax decrease, just a tax shift. So for the sake of the kids smoke more, gamble more and remember to get a lap-dance so little Johnny can learn to read.

There is a truce in Fallujah where the so called insurgents are supposed to turn in their heavy weaponry. Do the Marines have to turn theirs in too? Oh yeah, this will work.



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