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Tuesday, May 25, 2004
A few before I go:

Halliburton Steals Lifesaving Equipment Money from Soldiers in Iraq. Be sure and scroll down there are eight, as the author calls them, Recent developments in our perpetual war on evil

A Call to Conscience
The Diplomat who quit over Nixon's Invasion of Cambodia asks Americans on the front lines of Foreign Service to resign from the "Worst Regime by far in the History of the Republic."

Bush Promises the Appearance of Chaos Ahead
But Bush gave no reason why the turnover of power will go smoothly. Quite the contrary: He said there will be more violence before and after the turnover. And he provided no realistic basis for expecting that the resistance to the U.S. occupation will fade.

Instead, he tried to foreshadow troubles to come. "There are difficult days ahead, and the way forward may sometimes appear chaotic," he said.

Do you remember this place, War Returns with a Vengeance as Allies Fail the Afghan People? Before the war in Afghanistan all the talking heads said we have to get Afghanistan right because it will show the rest of the world what we are going to do with these countries when we liberate(?) them, a template, so to speak. Now do you see where Iraq is headed?



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