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Wednesday, May 05, 2004
Here are a few good reads.

Maureen Farrell
Sacrificing America?s Children to 'Make the World a Better Place'
While Colin Powell's angst over last February's reputation-tainting U.N. presentation has been colorfully documented ("This is bullshit!," he said at one point), the May issue of Vanity Fair is teeming with information that even ardent Bush administration apologists would be hard pressed to defend. And while it's no surprise that Dick Cheney strong-armed others into backing the war in Iraq, his ruthless eagerness to deceive is, in itself, a revelation. If tall tales about mobile labs, WMD stockpiles and Iraq?s ties to al Qaeda were not bad enough (a transcript of Powell?s statements before the U.N. Security Council are posted on the White House Web site, below the banner "Iraq: Denial and Deception"), the Vice President tried to persuade Powell to include other widely discredited information and even reportedly urged him to "link Iraq directly to the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington."

Crisis Papers
Horrid Thoughts About Horrid Leaders
Once Bush&Co. make up their minds, it's full speed ahead; if they run into a brick wall, all attempts are made to deny the existence of the wall-like obstacle in front of them. If there is no way to escape that impediment, they'll back and fill and try to go around another way, but the ultimate goal remains to get to where they wanted to get to originally and, by golly, they will get there -- even if it requires them, stealth-like, to pretend for awhile that they're changing their destination.

Into The Abyss
Apocalypse Again
Marlon Brando's Col. Kurtz character in "Apocalypse Now" applied crystal logic to the madness of the Vietnam War, concluding that what made sense was to descend into barbarism. The U.S. military hierarchy, judging Kurtz's tactics to be "unsound," ordered the colonel eliminated to keep at least a fa?ade of civilization.

A reprise of that tragedy -- a kind of "Apocalypse Again" -- is now playing out in Iraq, with U.S. soldiers sent halfway around the globe to invade and occupy a country supposedly with the goal of protecting the world from violence and introducing democratic freedoms. As in Vietnam, there is a widening gap between the uplifting rhetoric and the ugly facts on the ground.



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