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Friday, May 14, 2004
The latest on the questions surrounding Nick Berg
In the Absence of Truth from the White House, Conspiracy Theories Emerge About the Nick Berg Murder
If any incident lends itself to conspiracy theories, the murder of Nick Berg does. The Bush Cartel has only poured fuel on the fire by lying about key facts surrounding Berg’s detention and the videotape of his killing. Most curious is the rush to identify the killer as Abu Musab Zarqawi. They still haven’t found the Anthrax killer, but they claim to have identified a man wearing a ski mask within 24 hours. Preposterous. Especially since it appears that it wasn’t the elusive – and perhaps dead -- Zarqawi at all. Then who was it? Good question, indeed.

You make the call. Who is responsible?
Iraqi Tells of U.S. Abuse, From Ridicule to Rape Threat
The rough road to confession began with the ridicule of the naked and hooded prisoner's name: Saddam.



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