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Wednesday, June 30, 2004
Another example of the integrity that this administration has brought back to Washington: Abu Ghraib, Stonewalled.

Check this out. Yesterday the LA Times publishes this very nice article on Lindsey Graham: S.C. Republican Digging for Iraq Abuse Answers. Wow, finally a Republican on our side, right?

Well, reading this, I remembered what happened a couple of weeks ago regarding a vote of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The vote was on whether to subpoena the documents that Ashcroft refused to turn over when he was questioned by the Judiciary Committee on June 8th. When this vote took place on the subpoena, it was a 10-9, straight party line vote. That's 10 R's vs. 9 D's. And guess who one of the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee is? Well, the "digger" himself, Lindsey Graham, of course!

This also made me think back to a caller on Al Franken's radio show. Al always said that Mr. Graham was one of the 'good' Republicans. The caller brought this vote to Al's attention, and Al had to admit that this did not look good for Lindsey. It would seem to me if this man was truly for digging up the answers, he would have been for this resolution. So what did Mr. Graham have to say about this? Well, the "digger" said this:
But Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican and member of the Armed Services Committee, said he had talked Wednesday to Pentagon general counsel William Haynes, recipient of several of the memos on al-Qaida and Taliban detainees, and been told the Defense Department would supply the Armed Services panel with several of the sought-after memos.
Well, as long as we get 'several' of the memos that's all that matters, right? And he was right, we did get several of the memos. On the 22nd of June, 'several' of the memos were released in what is now known as the Document Dump Deception. What they did was release a bunch of memos that were essentially worthless and held back the information that mattered. This is the same trick they used with the President's military records. It was a smoke screen. Of the 23 documents in the subpoena, only 3 were released. But no one in our crack media even cared about what wasn't released.

So to recap, the "digger", a.k.a our friendly Republican really isn't, no matter what Hillary or the LA Times says. He'll help out with the light work but when it comes to something really tough, he's a Republican like the rest of them.



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