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Thursday, June 24, 2004
I hope this isn't news to most people. Just proves we've been doing this for a while. Back then they were communists, now they're terrorists.
CIA planned guerrilla campaign in Iran to counter communists in 1953: documents
The US Central Intelligence Agency planned a sustained guerrilla campaign in Iran in case its 1953 plan to ouster the government of Mohammad Mossadegh fell through and communists increased their sway over the country, according to newly declassified US government documents.
More here, The CIA In Iran.

If the Dallas Morning News is off the bandwagon then maybe Bush is in trouble
Iraq Trust Gap: You've got a credibility problem, Mr. President
We find ourselves in that position with President Bush and the war in Iraq. We supported his presidential candidacy. We backed the war in Iraq. But we now wonder: What happened?

Eerie similarities
Look to 1777 and Learn, Mr. Bush
A "Letter to the Sheriffs of Bristol," from which all of the passages below are taken, was composed in early 1777 when Burke was a member of Parliament from Bristol. England then appeared to be winning the war with America, yet Burke was alarmed by the means his country employed (for example, its reliance on mercenaries) and deeply skeptical regarding the announced purpose of the war: the projection of British power into America in order to subdue the resistance of the colonists. Burke recognized that King George III's prime minister, Lord North, had consistently underestimated the number of troops that would be required. North and his administration, the "king's men," had persuaded themselves that America was full of friends who would welcome the stabilizing authority of British arms as soon as a determined show of force was offered.



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