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Wednesday, June 16, 2004
More on the VP
The Truth About Cheney
Vice President Cheney's wild and wacky misadventures with the truth continue, much to the consternation of everyone who values transparency and accountability in government. What will it take for him to come clean?

More violence in Iraq
Iraqi oil security chief killed
It was the third assassination of an official in less than a week, amid escalating violence in the run-up to the 30 June handover of power.

The CPA has some money to get rid of before they are disolved
With international attention focused on the impending transfer of power in Iraq, the Coalition Provisional Authority is committing billions of dollars to ill-conceived projects just before it dissolves, according to a new briefing by the Open Society Institute's Iraq Revenue Watch Project. The briefing, Iraqi Fire Sale: CPA Giving Away Oil Revenue Billions Before Transition, says that the U.S.-controlled Program Review Board in charge of managing Iraq's finances recently approved the expenditure of nearly $2 billion dollars in Iraqi funds for reconstruction projects.



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