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Tuesday, June 29, 2004
My Take on Fahrenheit 911

My wife and I went to see Fahrenheit 911 yesterday afternoon. The theatre was almost full, maybe 10 empty seats. There were many laugh lines, scenes to cry about and scenes that just plain make you mad. As far as the content goes I knew most of it. Bush-Saudi business connections. The flights out of the country. The sham Patriot Act. Soldiers and innocent civilians killed in Iraq for no reason. The one thing that was new or I just forgot was the fact that not one Senator would join with any representative form the Congressional Black Caucus in a protest against black voter disenfranchisement in Florida during the 2000 election. My wife said as we were leaving that even though we knew most what was in the movie it was good to see it presented all in one place. I thought it did a good job of linking it all together. From the stolen election to Bush's horrible poll ratings early on that were saved by 911. To the Saudi ties to 911 and the Bushes/Carlyle Group, the inept and unfinished "war" in Afghanistan to the elective war in Iraq for the benefit of the Military Industrial Complex and the detriment of our soldiers, innocent Iraqis, our standing in the world, our integrity and our soul as a country. As we exited the theatre it was amazing the number of people just standing around talking after the movie. What I said to my wife on leaving was I want people on the other side, whatever they call themselves, to go see this movie and then lets debate all that has transpired since we allowed our country to be taken from us in the winter of 2000.



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