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Wednesday, June 23, 2004
Take yourself back to late 2002 or early 2003 and imagine this being said in a committee hearing then. Think it would have changed anything? Everything was black and white then!
Wolfowitz Defends Chalabi to House Panel
``Nothing in Iraq is black and white. I don't think I know of any figure we're dealing with who hasn't had in one way or another to compromise with the incredibly difficult circumstances of the last 35 years of that country's history,'' Wolfowitz said. ``It's not surprising that many of them - and Chalabi's not the only one - made contacts with countries like Iran or Syria or others.''
I guess if Chalabi was working with a member of the Axis of Evil then he was against us, right? - LH

The report doesn't count the attacks in Iraq. This administration cannot call those in Iraq that are carrying out the attacks terrorists enough. So why aren't those attacks counted? They're either terrorists or they're not, which is it?
U.S. revises terror assessment, paints darker picture for 2003
Even so, Waxman's office said it found "large omissions" in the new report.

In a statement, the staff said the report did not include hundreds of infrastructure attacks in Iraq last year. The government's rationale, according to Waxman's office, was that uncertainty persists over who carried them out and there is a legal question about whether the Coalition Provisional Authority possessed a "property" interest in the facilities that were struck.

Such attacks were included in the statistics only if U.S. citizens or other foreign nationals were injured or killed, Waxman's office said.



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