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Thursday, June 24, 2004
This is very interesting
'The liberation of Baghdad is not far away'
"The Americans have prepared the war, we have prepared the post-war. And the transfer of power on June 30 will not change anything regarding our objectives. This new provisional government appointed by the Americans has no legitimacy in our eyes. They are nothing but puppets."

BEWARE: The writer of this article uses logic
Now that we own Iraq, stick to claims we can prove
After sparking yet another round of speculation on Sunday about that holy grail of administration credibility — the fabled Saddam-al Qaeda link — former Navy Secretary John Lehman on Monday followed up with an interesting twist

This guys stuff is good
Tomgram: Jonathan Schell on an administration of grammarians
Who knew that what we had was an administration of -- as Jonathan Schell puts it below -- lexicographers, grammarians, and philologists, intent on parsing sentences, slicing meanings, arguing over the exact definitions of words, the exact point, for instance, where torture becomes torture, and whether in finding that point they hadn't stopped just short of, or gone just beyond but quickly rescinded, or recommended but never used, or used but only once, or maybe twice, and real far away, and not as hard as…

New report out
Iraq War Analysis Paints Grim Picture
Unless you own a lot of stock in Halliburton or other big defense, security, or construction companies, chances are the Iraq war has turned out to be a pretty bad investment, both in human lives and taxpayer dollars, according to a new assessment by a progressive Washington-based think tank, the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS).

Reality is unravelling for Bush
The urgency of Bush's credibility crisis surfaced in the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll showing the collapse of Bush's standing on terrorism, losing 13 points since April, putting Kerry even on the issue and one point ahead in the contest. But even more worrying was Bush's rating on trust. By a margin of 52% to 39%, Kerry is seen as more honest and trustworthy.



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