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Thursday, June 10, 2004
Yeah the Bush administration is nothing but liars. But remember they couldn't do what they are doing without a complicit media. So go to Media Matters for America on a daily basis, they help you sort through the lies of the media.

Another Bush administration lie. Had enough yet?!
TIA now verifies flight of Saudis
For nearly three years, White House, aviation and law enforcement officials have insisted the flight never took place and have denied published reports and widespread Internet speculation about its purpose.

But now, at the request of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks, TIA officials have confirmed that the flight did take place and have supplied details.

Looks like the "few bad apples" defense is out the window
Human rights lawyers file lawsuit in San Diego against U.S. civilian contractors
The lawsuit, filed by the New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights and a Philadelphia law firm, describes acts of shocking brutality:

One Abu Ghraib inmate identified only as Ahmed, claimed that he was forced to watch as his 63-year-old father, Ibraheim, tortured to death in Abu Ghraib prison. Another man, identified as Rasheed, claimed that his toenails were yanked out and his tongue was electrocuted at an unspecified facility in Iraq.

Is the bell now tolling for Rummy?
Report: Rumsfeld OK'd Prison Rules
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld approved interrogation methods for Guantanamo Bay detainees including the use of "stress positions" for up to four hours, "fear of dogs" and "mild non-injurious" physical contact, a newspaper repor

A few to set the record straight on Reagan
The Man, the Myths
During crises and other shared public experiences, the news media often stop worrying about their mission to tell the truth. Instead, they take on the role of national rabbi or shaman, fostering a collective sense of good feeling by recounting stories and myths we wish to hear. Since Ronald Reagan's death, the media have chosen mostly to do just that, sugar-coating his life and career rather than grappling with his difficult legacy. Herewith, then, some myths about Reagan now being bruited about and why they don't do justice to the man's complexity.
Reagan: Media Myth and Reality
As the media spend the week memorializing Ronald Reagan, journalists are redefining the former president's life and accomplishments with a stream of hagiographies that frequently skew the facts and gloss over scandal and criticism.
Terrorism Debacles in the Reagan Administration
Many Americans are unaware of the dark side of U.S. foreign policy’s past. Some conservatives think that Ronald Reagan’s foreign policy began and ended with the thwarting of the Soviet Union. Unfortunately, there were many other U.S. actions during his reign that did not reflect favorably on the U.S. government’s devotion to human rights.

One last thing
Allies Warn Bush that Stability in Iraq Demands Arab-Israeli Deal
President Bush yesterday was bluntly told by European and Arab allies alike that a serious new push for a Palestinian-Israeli peace solution was vital if his vision of a stable Iraq at the heart of a reformed Middle East were to have any chance of success.



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