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Monday, June 07, 2004
Yesterday evening I was mowing my lawn. When I mow the lawn I usually do quite a bit of thinking. Alone with the hum of the lawn mower engine I was thinking about who might not be so happy about the timing of Reagan's death. Ever since his death was announced it's been all Reagan all the time and all of the sudden I got this mental image of Karl Rove, somewhere in France, throwing a temper tantrum. This preempted the war Presidents Normandy photo-op. I watched the local news last night and Reagan got several minutes, Bush only a few seconds. The Bushes and the Reagans never got along very well and this has probably added fuel to the fire, not to mention Nancy now opposing Dubya on stem cell research. I don't think the Reagans have ever campaigned much for either Bush, maybe in Daddies '89 campaign. So it's one more time the Reagans put one over on the Bushes. Remember H.W. was the one who cam up with "voodoo economics" as the name for Reagans trickle down or supply side economics. For the conspiracy theorists there is also this story that came out after Reagan was shot, Bush Son Had Dinner Plans With Hinckley Brother Before Shooting . Some of this stuff just can't be made up.

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