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All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
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Tuesday, July 27, 2004
Check out Texas Tuesdays:
a collaborative weblog created by Texas political bloggers to support the efforts of Democratic Party candidates. Each Tuesday we publish the profile of a promising candidate and encourage our readers to make a contribution to their campaign. Additionally, our blog occasionally features guest posts from candidates and relevant highlights from other blogs.

A beautiful editorial
Note to Tom Brokaw: Why I get my hard news from Jon Stewart
Note to Brokaw, Jennings, et al. You didn't just misreport the insane drive to start an unnecessary, pre-emptive war, you were part of the hyper patriotic, jingoistic drumbeat. And it isn't just that you didn't do enough to question it, it's that you didn't do anything. And you still aren't. Your pathetic CSPAN mea culpa, seen by less than 1% of the country, is even less impressive when you go right back to your studio and keep carrying water for the Bush Administration, ala Ms. Woodruff.

McGovern on the report
Iraq War and Israel Soft-Pedaled in 9/11 Report
The 567-page final report released Thursday by the 9/11 Commission provides a wealth of data -- indeed, so much detail that it is all too easy to miss the forest for the trees. Comments by the ubiquitous commissioners last weekend yield the clear impression that they would just as soon limit our horizon to the trees.



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