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Wednesday, July 21, 2004
From the department of, "If you say it enough people will believe it"
Neoconservatives - never apologize, never explain
And I like William Kristol, the editor of The Weekly Standard, the Rupert Murdoch-owned neoconservative newsweekly. Undaunted by the polls, undaunted by the events of the past year, Kristol forges on in defense of the war in Iraq that he and his neocon pals so desperately wanted.

It's not just Republicans that lie, cheat and steal
Kerry Adviser Steps Aside Amid Outcry Over Documents
A former national security adviser, Samuel R. Berger, quit his role as informal adviser to the presidential campaign of Senator John Kerry today amid a clamor over his improper handling of classified documents.
Here's another take
Berger Time
Former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger has been caught with his pants on fire, and such is the gravity of the crisis that experts everywhere are solemnly avoiding the temptation toward instant position taking that occasionally mars the public discourse. But what the hell: I'm going to go out on a limb here and hazard a guess as to what was in those documents Berger secreted close by his membrum virile: I'm predicting it was something that makes Sandy Berger look stupid.



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