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Wednesday, July 07, 2004
Gee, that was quick or as you President wrote last week, Let Freedeom Reign!
Iraq Approves Security Law Allowing Martial Rule
Iraq's interim government announced a new national security law on Wednesday that will allow Prime Minister Ayad Allawi to exercise broad powers of martial rule to combat a persistent insurgency.

No there really was no connection between Saddam and 9/11 and this time we really mean it
9/11 Panelists Rebut Cheney on Information
In a one-sentence statement, the panel's chairman and vice chairman said that "after examining available transcripts of the vice president's public remarks, the 9/11 commission believes it has access to the same information the vice president has seen regarding contacts between Al Qaeda and Iraq prior to the 9/11 attacks."

Malaysian PM on Iraq War
Abdullah says Iraq invasion broken world's confidence in sovereignty
Malaysia's prime minister criticized the United States ahead of his scheduled visit to Washington, saying the invasion of Iraq "shattered the confidence" of the world by showing that no country's sovereignty is safe from the most powerful nation.

From Father to Son
Iraq is Now Another Palestine
In most countries, Bush is held responsible for the terror crisis, but this is unfair. The groundwork for the crisis was laid by President Bush Sr and his European and Arab partners who, in 1990, went along with his decision to mete out severe punishment to Iraq for its invasion of Kuwait. Many had warned of unprecedented Muslim fury if Iraq were attacked, since the UN had never before approved the use of force to counter an invasion. More important, Israel had for years been allowed to occupy Palestine and parts of Syria and Lebanon with impunity.



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