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Saturday, July 24, 2004
A good one from Atrios on...
Failure of Leadership
I know there's something slightly unseemly about jumping on people when they issue a mea culpa. Still, there's something about the partial "it wasn't really my fault and besides it wasn't just me and how can you hold me responsible" mea culpas that just absolutely enrage me. Consider even the liberal Richard Cohen today:

Bush's Military Records Fail to Dispel AWOL Charges
Some of President Bush's missing Air National Guard records during the Vietnam War years, previously said to be destroyed, turned up on Friday but offered no new evidence to dispel charges by Democrats that he was absent without leave.
A couple of things here. Why do they say charges by Democrats? I guess because of this. The charge was most recently, if you recall, stirred up by Michael Moore. Now Moore is definitely no fan of Bush and those comments of his basically knocked Wesley Clark out of the Presidential race. Many journalists, yes their still are a few, have been writing about this since before Dubya ever announced the first time. So I don't believe that it is only Democrats that have been charging this. If we had an independent media in this country someone by now should have followed through on this story, to the end, so we know definitively one way or another whether the President shirked his duty. - LH

Here is an interesting story
Shelby Target of Justice Probe Into 9/11 Leak
Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Alabama) is the target of an ongoing Justice Department investigation into the leaking of the contents of classified phone intercepts received the day before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, congressional sources told FOX News.
The interesting thing about this is the only place you can find anything about this story is on Fox News. Of course, no other media outlet is reporting this and therefore most Americans know nothing about it. But there is still plenty of information on Sandy Berger. - LH



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