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Friday, July 16, 2004
Has anybody seen a Neo-con lately? (Scroll to bottom of page for names.) Rummy, Perle, Wolfie, Woolsey...That is what I started writing this morning and then I saw this, Where's Rumsfeld these days?Hmm, well that it depends on who you ask. A wing-nut from the MIC says this:
"Donald Rumsfeld has gone from being the most popular spokesperson for the Bush administration policies to something of a pariah," said Loren Thompson of the Lexington Institute, a think tank.

"Whereas before the White House was happy to see him speaking in public whenever he chose, now it kind of cringes for fear of what the results might be," Thompson added.
So the White House no longer thinks he is what the public wants to see. Then we get this from Rumsfeld's Chief Spokesman (how many does he have?):
Larry Di Rita, the chief spokesman for Rumsfeld, said the change is not an indication the secretary has fallen out of favor with the White House.

Rather, it reflects the fact that when Iraq's sovereignty was restored June 28 and the Coalition Provisional Authority was disbanded, the Defense Department was no longer in charge of Iraq, the spokesman said.
OK, since we handed over sovereignty the State Department now handles this. But you ask another MIC wing-nut think tank and you get this:
William Nash, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and a retired two-star Army general who commanded American peacekeeping forces in Bosnia, said the White House's political calculations will determine Rumsfeld's fate.

"Right now everything in this administration is being measured against whether or not it contributes to the re-election of the president in November," he said. "Obviously he's been a lightning rod and oh, by the way, he's also been wrong and that's never good" for Bush.
Ok, its because he was wrong. Well if that was the case they would all no longer be able to show their faces. Also the voters don't like him. That to me is probably the most believable. So why haven't they canned him? If they canned him for being wrong then they would have to can everyone and hopefully that will happen in November. Also I guess they don't want to look weak, like Rummy was a bad hire. It looks like the old adage rings true, If you ask three different people you'll get three different answers.

DailyKos linked this article. It's a good reminder.
Don't Forget the Bodies
Writing in The Washington Post, columnist Jim Hoagland notes that "the American public and media seem to be slowly trying to tune out Iraq's continuing violence. Accounts of all but spectacular assaults slide deeper into network news broadcasts and the inside pages of newspapers as the summer and the U.S. presidential campaign progress."

Another Neo-con shows up. Woolsey was all over the TV before the war and until things went bad.
Former CIA director used Pentagon ties to introduce Iraqi defector
A former CIA director who advocated war against Saddam Hussein helped arrange the debriefing of an Iraqi defector who falsely claimed that Iraq had biological-warfare laboratories disguised as yogurt and milk trucks.



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