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Wednesday, July 28, 2004
Iraq update/rant. More on the convention later.

When I look at what happened today in Iraq it becomes quite clear that Iraq is a miserable failure. Iraq will never be what this administration said publicly they intended it to be as long as we are there as occupiers. In case you haven't been paying attention, which is easy, since most of the mainstream news outlets barely even mention Iraq anymore. The only time they mention Iraq is when something really big happens, like today. I know they mention it in terms of the campaign for president and the election but as far as the reality, very little. Kidnappings and car bombs have become the order of the day. Were you aware of the upcoming Iraq National Conference? I wasn't. We have more military deaths in Iraq so far in July than we had in all of June.

The newest tactic the insurgents are using is kidnapping foreign workers. They kidnap the workers in order to make the company leave Iraq. The insurgents are also carbombing police stations. They mainly do this when the police are trying to recruit new officers. In my opinion there are only two choices left for us in Iraq. Our military, and whatever allies it can muster, will either have to jump in and start fighting in this continuing war or we have to leave.

If we choose to get in this war, which is very close to a civil war, it makes me wonder when the administration would do this? If this was to happen I'm sure there would be heavy casualties on both sides and, as you may or may not be aware, there is an election coming up. Probably wouldn't be good for the incumbent to have a bunch of dead soldiers coming home between now and November. So this means that barring some major tragedy the earliest this would happen is after the election.

The next scenario of pulling our troops out would take even longer. Both candidates for President are beholden to the MIC, as are most politicians. The whole theory of, "we can't afford to get it wrong in Iraq", makes believe that we haven't already got it wrong. This is more than likely a slower bloodletting than jumping in the middle of a civil war but probably just as worthless. It is also not likely to be espoused by either candidate. I'm not sure if any amount of international cooperation can keep the Iraqis from solving this in their own way and in their own time. Which I believe is the best way for them to determine their future.

Now bribery has entered the planning as these two stories show:
US threatens to withdraw aid for Fallujah
United States aircraft dropped leaflets on the rebellious Iraqi city of Fallujah on Tuesday, warning residents they will lose $102-million (about R637-million) in rebuilding funds if they do not halt attacks and allow US troops to enter freely.
US troops pay Iraqis millions to reduce insurgence
Major General John R.S. Batiste, the division commander, said restive central Iraq is full of men who "are young, unemployed, without hope. We are trying to reach out to them. Whenever we get the money, we are trying to apply it to pull over as many of these men as we can to our side."

His local commanders have the go-ahead to dish out tens, hundreds, and thousands of dollars with little more paperwork than a signed receipt. Often, the cash is paid in return for a promise to perform a small community project, but it is also given to Iraqis to buy items they say are necessary

Let me see if I have this straight. We bomb and occupy a country to bring the democracy. We then roll in our corporations to rebuild. Instead of hiring Iraqis to do the work we bring in foreign workers. Unemployment is through the roof. Instead of getting them jobs we decide to give them cash not to kill us. What the f**k is going on in the minds of the people running this war. Why not get them a job? Are we going to put all these people on the payroll for years? I'm sure when we stop giving them money they will go back to killing Americans for money. This is insane! - LH

It would be funny if it wasn't so sad
Millions in U.S. property lost in Iraq, report says
Halliburton Co. has lost $18.6 million of government property in Iraq, about a third of the items it was given to manage, including trucks, computers and office furniture, government auditors claim
And this too
Iraqi police face charges of past
This is not Saddam Hussein's corrupt police state. This is the new Iraq run by interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, the man the international community is hoping will shepherd Iraqi democracy into being early next year. There are so many corrupt, violent and useless police officers in the new Iraqi police force that, according to a senior American adviser to the Iraqi police, the U.S. government is about to pay off 30,000 police officers at a cost of $60 million to the American taxpayer.
Next time I hear anyone complain about welfare and social programs as a waste of money and draining our treasury I'm going to shove this right in their face! The MIC is the biggest welfare program we have in this country. - LH



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