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Thursday, July 29, 2004

It's the economy stupid:

I always makes it interesting to see statements like this when talking about this President's economy
I.R.S. Says Americans' Income Shrank for 2 Consecutive Years
The overall income Americans reported to the government shrank for two consecutive years after the Internet stock market bubble burst in 2000, the first time that has effectively happened since the modern tax system was introduced during World War II, newly disclosed information from the Internal Revenue Service shows.
In the past, overall personal income rose from one year to the next with relentless monotony, the growth rate changing in response to fluctuations in economic activity but almost never falling.
Before the recent drop, the last time reported incomes fell for even one year was in 1953. The only other time since World War II that the I.R.S. reported an interruption in income gains was from 1947 to 1949, but that was because of changes in the tax law at the time that affected how income was reported rather than an actual fall.

Soft Patch?
Drop in consumer spending creates slowdown, Fed says
The Federal Reserve reported Wednesday that the U.S. economy cooled off in June and July as consumer spending, especially on autos, slowed significantly after a big surge in early spring.

The survey of business activity compiled from reports from the Fed's 12 regional banks was the latest indication of what Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan termed a "soft patch" developing in the economy in June.

Not to worry though
CEO Pay Continues to Rise, Despite Calls for Restraint
The median pay for U.S. chief executives increased 15% last year and rose even more — 22% — for those at larger companies, according to a survey by Corporate Library, a corporate governance research firm.
And this is just simply amazing news!
Prices, Output Push Exxon Mobil Profit
Exxon Mobil Corp., the world's largest publicly traded oil company, on Thursday said quarterly earnings surged 39 percent on record oil and gasoline prices, rising production and its best refining results in 13 years.
That is just incredible. I mean who ever would have thought this could happen with oil and gas prices at an all time high? Gee I wonder how high profits would be if we started more wars? - LH



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