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Thursday, July 01, 2004
Juan Cole on the handover
The New and Improved Iraq
The caretaker government faces five key issues, any one of which could be destabilizing. (1)It must jumpstart the creation of an Iraqi army that could hope to restore security. (2)It must find a way to hold free and fair elections by next January, a difficult trick to pull off given the daily toll of bombings and assassinations. (3)It must get hospitals, water treatment plants and other essential services back to acceptable levels. (4)It must keep the countryƂ?s various factions from fighting one another or from pulling away in a separatist drive. (5)And it must negotiate between religious and secularist political forces.
Looks like the jumpstart for #1 is not going well, US probe finds Iraqi security forces plagued by mass desertions

So why did so many Americans think Saddam and Al Qaeda worked together?
CIA Felt Pressure to Alter Iraq Data, Author Says
Agency analysts never altered their conclusions, but saw the pressure to revisit their work as a clear indication that Bush administration officials were seeking a different answer regarding Iraq and Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, the CIA officer said in an interview with The Times.



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