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Friday, July 23, 2004
Let's start today with these guys:

Paul Krugman
Accounting and Accountability
Accountability is important. The nation will be ill served if officials who didn't do all they could to prevent a terrorist attack, or led the nation into an unnecessary war, manage to shift the blame to someone else.

But those weren't the only big mistakes of the last few years. Will anyone be held accountable for the mishandling of postwar Iraq?

Chris Floyd
The more things change, the more they stay the same
Now Allawi sits on Hussein's throne, supported by the same men who once backed the jailed tyrant: Cheney, Wolfowitz, Colin Powell, the Bushes. He's establishing a new Security Directorate, drawing from the poisoned well of Hussein's evil Mukhabarat. And just like Hussein, Allawi is "legitimizing" his position as top "hard man" with hands-on murder. The brutal comedy goes on, with the same players, the same dead pieties masking the same brutal ambitions, and the same, never-changing results: ruin, rage and death.

Another great read
Now We Know: It's Our Mideast Policy That's Creating Enemies
People the world around respect America for its stand for freedom and individual rights. It's time to stop this wag of people "hating us" and against us "because of our values." It's not our values or people, but our Mideast policy they oppose. We need to return to evenhandedness and active negotiations in the Mideast. Then we can begin to win the "war on terrorism" and regain our moral authority in the world.



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