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Tuesday, July 13, 2004
Looks like Michael Moore got under Brokaw and Koppel's skin. The way they sneeringly compare it to Oliver Stone's JFK makes me want to laugh. With that comment they are implying that Michael Moore is a conspiracy theorist just like Oliver Stone. These guys are just upset that they are being exposed for what they are. Corporate whores who will not tell the truth because they would lose their jobs in a heartbeat if they did. As a matter of fact that is why this piece was done. Their pimp, in this case General Electric and Disney, told them to go out and smear Michael Moore. They refer to the movie being "skillfully done" and compare him to Rush Limbaugh. Koppel many times refers to the movie as "entertainment". He uses that word as if to say something can't be entertaining and truthful. Then Brokaw wraps it up with this:
"I had a lot of people come up to me and, quietly, at some risk, say: 'When are the Americans coming? We can't continue to live like this,' " Brokaw said. "And the only scenes we saw in Michael Moore's film ... were children sliding down playground ramps and so on.
The reason they wanted to know when was so they could hide from the bombs and also because they were tired of living in anticipation of war. That's their opinion and this is mine.



Ask Brokaw if he read Anne Garrels' book "Naked in Bagdad". She does a good job of telling you how the Iraquis were feeling before the bombs started falling.

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