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Thursday, July 15, 2004
One last thing on the Tom Engelhardt article. He mentions this,
Not a soul seems to have given a thought to the period from November 3, 2004 to late January, 2005, should none of this round's paranoid fantasies come true and Kerry be elected. Consider that for a moment. But do it quickly, before Ridge or Ashcroft can call a news conference.
I think what he is saying is, Bush loses, there is a terrorist attack, and then he and his band of neo-cons declare martial law. Anybody even want to talk about that?

So what did the Brits have to say about their intelligence
The Butler report
The intelligence: flawed
The dossier: dodgy
The 45-minute claim: wrong
Dr Brian Jones: vindicated
Iraq's link to al-Qa'ida: unproven
The public: misled
The case for war: exaggerated
And who was to blame? No one



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