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Friday, July 30, 2004
This is hilarious, GOP Party Monsters. Al Franken plays these on his radio show. scroll dowm about half way and you'll find .mp3 clips of the songs.

Don't forget to get your war on.

Too funny Posted by Hello

War? What war?
The Unreported War
Iraq, we are told by Mr Blair, is safer. It is not. US military reports clearly show much of the violence in Iraq is not revealed to journalists, and thus goes largely unreported. This account of the insurgency across Iraq over three days last week provides astonishing proof that Iraq under its new, American-appointed Prime Minister, has grown more dangerous and violent.

Did you know?
200 Jordan truck drivers killed in Iraq
Some 600 Jordanian trucks have been robbed and 200 killed in Iraq by armed thieves or U.S. forces since the war began in March last year.

Oh yeah, remeber the Iraqi National Conference I mentioned earlier in the week? Well it was postponed.
Deep divides halt key Iraq meeting
It was intended as a baby step into participatory democracy, the country's first foray into nation-building. But Iraq's national conference was postponed Thursday for the second time amid allegations of mismanagement and botched local caucuses.



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