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Thursday, July 08, 2004
Today's big story
July Surprise?
Pushing Musharraf to go after Al Qaeda in the tribal areas may be a good idea despite the risks. But, if that is the case, it was a good idea in 2002 and 2003. Why the switch now? Top Pakistanis think they know: This year, the president's reelection is at stake.

So to take your mind off of that
Ridge Says Terror Threat Is Increasing but No Details Yet
Mr. Ridge said reliable information pointed to an attack in which terrorists would try to "disrupt our democratic process." He added that extra protective measures would be in place at the political conventions, even though there was no specific indication that they were targets.
Can they really disrupt it anymore than the Bush administration already has? Nothing specific, just be scared and don't let the terrorists deter you from voting for Bush. This is nothing but making sure the American people stay scared. It's a threat but were not rasing the threat level, so don't go get the plastic wrap and duct tape. - LH

This is hilarious
Ex-GOP Senator Suggests Bush Dump Cheney
``Let me note that Vice President Cheney is a decent, honorable, and patriotic American, a man of great intellect, who has served the president and the nation with dedication,'' D'Amato said in a statement released by his office. ``But we should make no mistake, we are a nation at war with a vicious terrorist foe, and in war hard decisions must be made.''

``While I believe George Bush will win re-election even without this bold stroke, he will insure a broader, deeper, more resonant reaffirmation of his leadership if he places his duty to continue as president above any one individual,'' D'Amato said.

He's a "decent, honorable, and patriotic American, a man of great intellect" but he must go so Bush can have a mandate? Yea, right. The only way, I believe, Cheney is off the ticket is if the old pacemaker goes on the fritz. If you know what I mean. Not to mention the fact that W's neocon rulers would never go for "liberals" like Powell or McCain. - LH

Poor Kenny Boy
Lay charges open a can of worms
President George W. Bush went so far as to award Mr Lay a nickname - a sign of high affection in his administration - dubbing his long-time benefactor "Kenny Boy".



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