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Thursday, July 15, 2004
Who are the Iraqi insurgents you ask?
Facing the Enemy on the Ground
The Iraqi resistance is no emerging "marriage of convenience," but rather a product of planning years in the making. Rather than being absorbed by a larger Islamist movement, Saddam's former lieutenants are calling the shots in Iraq, having co-opted the Islamic fundamentalists years ago, with or without their knowledge.

The historical parallel that best underscores the current disaster-in-the-making is not the Vietnam War but rather Israel's invasion of Lebanon in 1982. Originally intended to rid Lebanon of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Israel's subsequent occupation led to the creation of Hizbollah as a viable force of political and military resistance. The Hizbollah was so effective that Israel was forced to unilaterally withdraw its forces from Lebanon in May, 2000. The 18-year occupation not only failed to defeat the PLO, but it also created an Islamic fundamentalist movement that today poses a serious threat to the security of Israel and the Middle East region.

Colin Powell and his lost credibility
Flaws Cited in Powell's U.N. Speech on Iraq
Days before Secretary of State Colin L. Powell was to present the case for war with Iraq to the United Nations, State Department analysts found dozens of factual problems in drafts of his speech, according to new documents contained in the Senate report on intelligence failures released last week.

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, published in January 2004 what the Sentate Intelligence Committee did last week
Statement from Jessica Mathews in Response to U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee Press Conference on Iraq July 9, 2004
“But by concluding that there was no political pressure on the intelligence community, the Committee’s report leaves a huge contradiction hanging in midair. How else can those 2002 changes—all describing a more dire threat—be explained? Demands by top officials for access to raw intelligence and the setting up of an independent intelligence cell in the Pentagon were among many departures from normal practice that are hard to explain in any other way. At some point, if it walks like a duck and quacks, it’s a duck.



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