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Monday, August 23, 2004
The article below does a very good job of laying out what the SBLFB campaign is all about. It is about muddying the waters and dragging the debate down to a lower, shall we say base, level. Like a childish fight; did not, did to. This type of fight turns off voters and makes everyone think that both candidates are alike and will use anything for their own gain. This type of campaigning has traditionally driven turn out down and we all know which party wants lower turn out. That is what the highlighted sentence below makes clear. It's amazing that the American people are going to gall for Bush-Style Politics, Again.

BusinessWeek on the Swift Boat Liars for Bush
Flinging the Foul Mud of Vietnam
The purpose of the attacks against Kerry, however, isn't to get at the truth. It's a media campaign, with TV ads intended to create a vague, negative impression where none existed. The people behind the ads know that by any realistic assessment of the facts, Kerry has a major advantage over Bush when it comes to their respective military records. They want to muddy the waters to reduce Kerry's advantage. It's amazing that such bald-faced tactics can gain any traction with voters.



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