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Tuesday, August 17, 2004
Krugman, good as usual
Saving the Vote
It's horrifying to think that the credibility of our democracy - a democracy bought through the courage and sacrifice of many brave men and women - is now in danger. It's so horrifying that many prefer not to think about it. But closing our eyes won't make the threat go away. On the contrary, denial will only increase the chances of a disastrously suspect election.
Here is the article referenced in Krugman's article today, Suppress the Vote? The Bush crime family is at it again.

I steal the term Bush crime family from Mike Malloy who has returned to the radio on Air America. Tonight he is going to have on the subject of this article, C.I.A. Officer Denounces Agency and Sept. 11 Report. If your used to wingnut radio he will freak you out. He's on from 8 - 11 pm.

Analysis of the troop redeployment
Misconceived Military Shuffle
Despite the Pentagon's denials, it seems deliberate that the two largest withdrawals have been proposed for countries that the Bush administration has had serious differences with in recent years, over Iraq in the German case, and over negotiating strategy with North Korea in the case of Seoul. Both countries have been working hard to patch up relations - South Korea is one of the few American allies with troops in Iraq - but the Pentagon does not seem interested in reciprocating.



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