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Tuesday, August 17, 2004
Lately I have not really been able to get my thoughts together. I guess since I went on vacation and so much happened while I was not paying attention that I have been trying to find a starting point again. Here are a few recent events to ponder and I will be back to normal soon, I promise.

Greg Palast explains what just happened in Venezuela
Dick Cheney, Hugo Chavez and Bill Clinton's Band
Why Venezuela has Voted Again for Their 'Negro e Indio' President

But Chavez won't forget, because the mirror reminds him. What the affable president sees in his reflection, beyond the ribbons of office, is a "negro e indio" -- a "Black and Indian" man, dark as a cola nut, same as the landless and, until now, the hopeless. For the first time in Venezuela's history, the 80% Black-Indian population elected a man with skin darker than the man in the Jaguar.

Knock, knock....Who's there
FBI Tracks Potential GOP Protesters
With the Republican National Convention less than two weeks away, federal agents and city police are keeping tabs on activists and others they believe might try to cause trouble. They are making unannounced visits to people's homes, conducting interviews and monitoring Web sites and meetings


Donna Lieberman, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, raised an alarm, arguing that few people know they have a right to turn away the FBI.

"Political interrogation without suspicion of criminal activity harkens back to the bad old days of the McCarthy era," she said. "The FBI does not have a right to intimidate people for criticizing the government."

The Bush Agenda
Conventional Facades: Why the Republicans Have to Hide their Agenda
And, though various news sources have reported on ways Biblical prophecy is influencing political reality, the Guardian has highlighted George Bush?s and Tom DeLay?s involvement in it all. Describing how "dispensationalism," a doctrine which involves ousting the Palestinians in order to make way for the Second Coming of Christ, isn?t merely found in the pages of Tim LaHaye?s Left Behind series, but in American politics, Matthew Engel spelled out what few ever mention -- how, after the Rapture, the Antichrist will destroy most of the Jews. "In other words, these Christians are supporting the Jews in order to abolish them," Engle explained.



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