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Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Deja-Vu? When it's us it's different, though.
So now a variety of bloggers, political operatives, talk-show hosts, and right-wing pundit-types want to know when Dan Rather will resign over the Killian memos.

I assume that these same worthies will be calling for President Bush to resign any day now, right?

The parallels are obvious when you think about it, and on many levels. I mean, surely, if Rather should resign because 60 Minutes II got snowed by a source and ran a story on documents that turned out to be fraudulent, than Bush should resign after he and his administration made false claims about Saddam Hussein's weapons programs based on documents that turned out to be fraudulent. Right? Especially since those claims helped get us into a war in which over 1,000 Americans have died. (Rather's mistake was considerably less costly.)

I'll await the calls for Bush's head, but without much suspense.



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