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Monday, September 13, 2004
In case you didn't notice Yesterday was a very bloody day in Iraq. You probably didn't unless you were specifically looking. As Josh Marshall points out it's because Iraq War has become a non-issue as far as the Presidential campaign is concerned. He mentions a few reasons this is the case but he mentions one of the problems with the war that isn't mentioned much:
Back more than a year ago, when it first began to dawn on many that stabilizing, let alone democratizing, Iraq would be a great struggle, the challenge was often framed around the unacceptability of allowing Iraq to 'become another Lebanon' or descend into civil war.

Let's be honest with ourselves. That's already happened. That's the clearest reason why yesterday's violence garnered so little attention. It's not surprising any more. A year ago, when a bomber blew up the Jordanian Embassy, it sent a shock through the United States. The same was more or less the case in the bombings that followed through the rest of 2003 and into early 2004.

Iraq has quite simply become a disaster for the United States. And while people disagree over why this has happened, no thinking person can now fail to see that it has happened.
The level of violence there is no longer shocking or maybe a better way of putting it is that it is taken for granted. The other psychological aspect of this, that many Americans find hard to believe, is that we again are losing a war like this. As we see what was visited on the Baby Boomers by their parents play out with the "Swift Boar Liars for Bush" (SBLfB) and Bush's own war time service "issues" it always makes me wonder. It makes me wonder how the generation that came of age during Vietnam could do the same thing to a subsequent generation.

As Atrios shows us Bush Flip Flops again on the war.



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