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Monday, September 13, 2004
Remember the NY Times is a part of the So Called Liberal Media (SCLM)
Distortion, The Times Crosses the Line
Since we had never heard Kerry or any of his surrogates say that if he had his way, Hussein would still be in power, and since no evidence has yet to surface that in the months leading up to the war Hussein was either a "threat to the security of America" or that of the world, our ears perked up. We read on, looking for two things: a Times paragraph pointing out that discrepancy, and a response to Bush's attack from the Kerry camp.

And on ... and on ... and on ... over to the continuation of the story on page A12 ... down column one ... down column two ... down column three ... and down column four, right to the end of the story, 28 paragraphs in all.

The Times' fact-check of Bush's startling assertion never came. And the Times' report on the Kerry campaign's response didn't come until paragraphs 27 and 28.g



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