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Thursday, September 23, 2004
Retired Air Force colonel Sam Gardiner last year showed us how the Pentagon misinformed us about the Iraq was when he wrote Truth from These Podia. He showed us how the Pentagon used Psychological Operations (psyops), which are usually meant for the enemy, on the media and therefore the American people. Yesterday he wrote an article showing how the Pentagon is still doing this and shows us that The enemy is us. Now all of this is well and good if you know your being manipulated, right? But I would assume that most of the sheeple have not idea this is going on.

Tom Engelhardt tells us that more aerial bombardment from the skies in Iraq is another sign that we are losing in Iraq, Incident on Haifa Street:
But until the incident on Haifa Street, recent reporting had focused on the loss of Falluja or Ramadi or Samarra or Baquba or the way the "Sunni Triangle" was blinking off the American map of Iraq. What was remarkable about the incident on Haifa Street was that a part of Iraq only hundreds of yards from one of our most fortified strongpoints was blinking off as well -- so much so that when our commanders decided to take out a disabled vehicle or offer payback, they chose to do so from the air.
He also tells us how reporters cannot even report on what is happening there:
If anything, parts of Iraq began blinking off the map of American reportage long before they disappeared from the military map of the country. Now our reporters, unless embedded with American forces, are largely trapped in restricted parts of Baghdad, waiting for the war to come to the Green Zone. Most of the major papers have hired Iraqi reporters to help them out, but don't imagine for a second that what you're reading is simply the news from Iraq. Note, for instance, that when the helicopters struck in Haifa Street, only several hundred yards from the Green Zone, Arab television was there but, as far as I could see, not CNN or the networks. The reasons for all this are quite understandable. Iraq is now a desperately perilous place for unarmed, or even armed, westerners. I won't be surprised when the first American news organizations, like the last of the relief organizations, simply decide to pull out. What's far less understandable is that the conditions for reporting in Iraq, for our "news" on Iraq, go largely unreported.
So you see things are not going well there. But don't worry, your President, aka Bubble Boy, thinks everything is just fine:
Bush's campaign depends on the containment of any contrary perception of reality. He must evade, deny and suppress it. His true opponent is not his Democratic foe - called unpatriotic and the candidate of al-Qaida by the vice-president - but events. Bush's latest vision is his shield against them. He invokes the power of positive thinking, as taught by Emile Coue, guru of autosuggestion in the giddy 1920s, who urged mental improvement through constant repetition: "Every day in every way I am getting better and better."
Nothing to worry about says Dear Leader, just go to sleep and everything will be OK. And don't forget if you vote for Kerry you will die.



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