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Wednesday, September 01, 2004
What would you think of this President if 9/11 hadn't happened. I know it sounds ludicrous but just think about it. Huge budget deficits caused by massive tax cuts. Not for the "rich" but for the super/uber rich. The worst job creation record in almost 80 years. A "wing nut" agenda like we haven't seen in our history. Not to mention things like the Patriot Act, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the enormous increase in defense spending, and on and on.

If you will hearken back to those days of yesteryear of budget surpluses and near full employment. Of Presidential sex scandals and Al Gore is a liar, ring a bell? It seems like much longer than four years ago. Four bad years can seem like a lifetime, can't it? But back to my original point. In those first 8 or so months of this Presidency Bush had no credibility. He was able to force through his first tax cut but it really hadn't changed much and he had lost control of the Senate because of a Republican defection. Other than the hard core Bush backers he wasn't very popular.

Remember the "war" President came into office wanting to take out Saddam. Paul O'Neill, Richard Clarke and history show this to be true. There was a problem though. The American people didn't really seem into it. Oh the Lee Greenwood "Proud to be an American" Americans were into it. They were right their with the Neocons saying we should have gone to Baghdad in 1991. So even though we were killing many Iraqis through sanctions most Americans, myself included, didn't see any reason to change what was going on there. It wasn't like Iraq was capable of attacking us.

So I think it is obvious that without 9/11 this guy is just another one term President. Now I don't want you to think I'm a conspiracy theorist, remember I just have some questions I want answered. The reality is that Bush is, whether you want to say he has the mental capacity to choose or not, a captive of the Neocons when it comes to foreign policy. So when you read their manifesto it becomes apparent that in order to get their agenda through the "new Pearl Harbor" (9/11) had to happen so we could setup in the Middle East.

Without 9/11 the majority of the American people would not be suckered into sacrificing this kind of human and monetary cost to nation build in Iraq. Remember in 2000 Bush was against nation building but as well all know September 11th changed everything. It sure is handy to have a something to blame breaking your campaign promises on. Remember the trifecta comment? Oh yeah, who is making all the money in Iraq? I think you know.



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