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Monday, October 11, 2004
Check this out:
A few weeks ago after the problems CBS had with their Bush/National Guard story they decided to pull a well documented, accurate story for political reasons, The Cowardly Broadcasting System. This weekend we found out that Sinclair Broadcast Group is going to Air Anti-Kerry Film. It is nothing but a smear job on behalf of the Bush administration. Sinclair is a "wing-nut" owned company best known for not showing Nightline earlier this year when they aired the show "The Fallen". It was the show where Ted Koppel read the names and showed a picture of those who had died up to that time in Iraq. They also overwhelmingly give their financial support to Republicans. But what else would you expect from the SCLM? This is media bias at its worst.

Get all your Sinclair info here: and Media Matters



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