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Friday, October 01, 2004
"Kerry Smoked Him"
My first initial reaction was, "Kerry Smoked Him". I did what I recommended last night. No pre-debate, no post-debate turn off the TV, a little discussion with the wife and off to bed. I didn't get to see it live, I watched it on tape, but I had seen nor heard nothing about it. I was quite happy with how clear and concise Kerry was and what a contrast that was to Bush's slow and rambling answers. Another thing that I miss in a President and they are supposed to have, Kerry has it and Bush doesn't, is he knows history. When during the discussion about North Korea Kerry mentioned the armistice of 1952 and so many other issues involving North Korea it just made me smile inside. The difference between the two couldn't have been more stark, I thought. Kerry made Bush look like a C student, no offense to any C students out there, of which I was one. But I have to continued learning, unlike the President. You can go to many of the blogs listed on the right especially Daily Kos for the post debate analysis.

Posting will be light today. I am home with my daughters for the next two days while my wife and a friend or hers put on a charity garage sale. It's for Lisa's Hope Chest. She is a very special lady and she runs a clothes closet primarily but it is so much more. She teaches life skills to help people get back on their feet after a bad life experience. Check it out and also donate if you can, doesn't have to be money, she will take all the used clothes you want to get rid of as well.



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