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Monday, October 04, 2004
Last post on the debate
The day before the debate I told my wife that if Kerry just acts like himself and clearly lays out his positions he will be fine. I think that is what happened. The biggest thing that happened in that debate was, whether you think that it's unfortunate or not, was the way the two came off on TV. Don't worry, Kerry beat him on substance as well. But in this day and age how you come off on TV matters just as much if not more. Don't forget Al Gore in 2000 and how the press killed him on how he came off in the debates. It wasn't just one thing Bush did, it was everything he did. Before this debate we had never seen these two guys on the same stage together and when put side by side Kerry looks more like a President than our current one. I'm not talking about height or looks but the overall package of the candidates. How they speak, react, think on their feet, etc... That is the one difference no matter how much everyone whines and moans that is going to stick. Myself, I remember many times seeing Bush in a press conference with a foreign leader, Blair in particular coming to mind, and saying I wish our President could talk like that. That is my shallow take on the non-substantive part of the debate.



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