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Friday, October 29, 2004
My Endorsement
John Kerry

As I look back over the last four years it seems like an eternity. I remember going to bed on election night in 2000 thinking Al Gore was going to win and waking up to a mess. Now, almost for years removed, the mess the Supreme Court created by its partisan decision is still haunting us in the name of George W. Bush.

I've lived in Texas since 1976. I understand that in my state the Governor is a weak office. The Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the House have all the power. It was done that way because of carpetbagger Governors appointed after the Civil War ruined it for all future governors. Another aspect of Texas, at least until the redistricting fiasco, was that we still had many "conservative" democrats which fostered the opportunity for bipartisanship. In reality it was the Democrat Speaker, Pete Laney, that was the true reason for bipartisanship in Texas. He allowed Republicans to chair committees and allowed them to get their legislation through as well. Speaker Laney was one of those "conservative" democrats. The reason I set all of this up is because that was George Bush's whole basis for the, "uniter not a divider" label. Not the reality of what he would face in Washington where partisanship is the rule, not the exception. Which gives us a theme for his entire Presidency, an elaborate ruse perpetrated on the American people to make him seem like someone he isn't.

Now to the issue at hand. In every way, shape, and form John Kerry stands head and shoulders above, literally and figuratively, George W. Bush as a candidate for President. My position is that we need a new President to change our course. I also think that John Kerry has shown over the course of his life that he can take on huge challenges and do what needs to be done. I also believe that John Kerry, as President, will need active participation and support by those who will be responsible for his election to make the changes that need to be made. If John Kerry becomes our next President and we then recede back into the background and fall silent we will be right back here in a very short period of time. Is John Kerry all that we need in a President for this time at this moment? No, but no President is when they are running. The fundamental question to me is which one of the two men can become the President we need. George W. Bush has already shown that he cannot become the President we need. John Kerry on the other hand will become the President this country needs and with our support he can put us back on the path to Peace and Prosperity!



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