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Monday, October 11, 2004
My take on Friday's debate
It's pretty hard for me to be objective on these debates. It's hard for me because I just believe that Bush is the worst President of my lifetime, I'm 37 years old. So from that starting point it's hard. He is wrong on every issue. With that in mind He appeared to be tight, again. He didn't lie as much as Cheney, that may be the best thing I can say about it. Another problem I had was when the guy asked the question about the Patriot Act and bush said, "I really don't think you rights are being watered down". I don't think that man bought that answer and I don't think many people watching did either. But that's not a big issue for most people. So to sum up I think Kerry comes across as someone who is right on the issues, had command of the subjects at hand and of the English language. He also is a sharp contrast to President Bush as well. I think Bush is wrong on all the issues and comes across as a babbling idiot who fumbles for words, often choosing the wrong one, and makes little sense and someone who hasn't made any mistakes, that he knows of, since becoming President.



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