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Wednesday, October 20, 2004
Polls, DeLay, Cheney and Secrecy
Monday night I watched a little Hardball and a few other shows while channel surfing and by the way they were talking you would think that Kerry should just pack it in, that the election has already been decided. But then I remembered that they were basing their opinions on Polls. Especially the Gallup poll which is having problems, Gallup Poll Racially-Biased. Basically what they have been doing is polling more R's than D's because they think more R's are going to vote. So who do you think will win a poll if you poll more of one party than the other? But the reason those shows on Monday were doing this is they are trying to create a feeling of inevitability that the President is going to be reelected. But read this post:
I'm sick of the fake confidence from the wing-nuts. And those meaningless national polls (many of which Kerry has tied up). We need to start making it part of our mindset AND our discussions with everyone (including fellow Dems) that our boy is winning. We need to BELIEVE! And we need America to BELIEVE! And, of course, the numbers back it up.
So the media is cheerleading for Bush. What else is new. So remember they can't fix an election that the polls are showing is a blowout. That's why the polls look the way they do.

DeLay actually showed up for his debate last night, DeLay takes debate club by surprise. I will still be shocked if he loses. Although I heard something today that I remembered hearing during the redistricting debacle last year. That DeLay let his district be drawn a little more democratic than before because he was, at that time, confident of his reelection. So that's something else to think about in this race. Get all your DeLay and Houston area coverage here, OffTheKuff.

Cheney has only one thing to say for the rest of the campaign. "Vote for Kerry and you will die!" Cheney: Terrorists May Bomb U.S. Cities. A couple of things here. First, do you remember who was in charge on September 11th? I'm, pretty sure it was Bush and Cheney. The other thing is this line from the article, "Cheney, speaking to an invitation-only crowd.." These guys go around the country and speak at invitation only events. They make people take loyalty oaths and expel people for the clothes they wear. They are afraid of dissent. To me that means their positions are weak and they cannot defend them or in terms they understand, they're chicken. While on the other hand Kerry/Edwards allows anyone into their events whether they are for or against. So who is the weaker of the two?

More secrecy from this administration, Lawmakers Prod CIA for Pre-9/11 Accountability Report.



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