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Monday, October 25, 2004
Quagmire and Incompetence
How many times have you heard these words? "The world is better off with Saddam Hussein in jail". I'm not sure how anyone can believe that. When even Iraq isn't better off with Saddam in jail. If you can read this, 49 Iraqi soldiers executed in attack designed to send message to US, and still be able to stomach your President saying that "freedom is on the march" you are definitely drinking the Kool-Aid. Iraq is on fire. Car bombs all the time. Daily US bombings of Iraqi towns which are causing massive civilian casualties and suffering. We are killing the people we came to "liberate". Do you honestly believe that Iraqis feel they are better off with Saddam gone?

For a President who has made security a focal point of his campaign today's breaking story on the 380 tons of super-powerful explosives doesn't help his case. Juan Cole has a good wrap-up of the story, Bush is Making us Safer? So again we see that a purported Bush strength is actually a weakness.



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