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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Read these and ask yourself and tell others, can you take four more years of this?
The former Viceroy overstates the obvious, Bremer Criticizes Troop Levels.

Paul Krugman, The Falling Scales, the mask is slipping.

Read 'em and weep, literally, Dear Mike, Iraq sucks. I've got two daughters but if this schmuck gets reelected their is no telling how long this will go and who they will take.

If you still think Saddam and Al Qaeda/Zarqawi were working together read this, CIA review finds no evidence Saddam had ties to Islamic terrorists you won't think that anymore. Actually you will know it to be false.
There's no dispute that al-Zarqawi spent time in Iraq before the U.S. invasion, but virtually all that time was in a portion of northeastern Iraq that wasn't under Saddam's control.
There are many Americans that think, "Well all those people over there are working together to kill us". But just like in America, over there, everyone doesn't just get along. This is the part that those people have a problem with. He (Zarqawi) was in Iraq before 9/11. But as the quote above states he was in the northeastern part of Iraq. That are as with all of northern Iraq from the end of the Gulf War up to "shock and awe" was controlled by the Kurds, not Saddam. Get it. Saddam was not harboring this guy. Our "allies" the Kurds were. Now I'm not saying that the Kurds let this guy stay in their part of the country but it sure was Saddam that was giving him asylum. So down goes another Bush/Cheney/Rummy/Wolfie/Condie/etc.. prewar justification.

This just in, How US fuelled myth of Zarqawi the mastermind.
Several sources said the importance of Zarqawi, blamed for many of the most spectacular acts of violence in Iraq, has been exaggerated by flawed intelligence and the Bush administration's desire to find "a villain" for the post-invasion mayhem.
No way. Zarqawi is just the boogie man? You mean like Osama? OK so now he may not even exist. Except for he is the reason we are flattening Fallujah. Does this seem wrong to you as well? Read this whole article though, it explains a lot.

Who the hell are these people?
USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll found that 42% of those surveyed thought the former Iraqi leader was involved in the attacks on New York City and Washington. In response to another question, 32% said they thought Saddam had personally planned them.
We all need to find a couple of these people and talk some sense into them. I'm probably related to a few.

This should comfort you though, U.S. Faces Complex Insurgency in Iraq. They sure can plan chaos.



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