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Thursday, October 14, 2004
Tipping point, Friedman and my debate(s) wrap-up
ON a daily basis I wonder what it's going to take to make some in this country realize that we have a problem in this country. What will the tipping point be? Each day there are more and more tales of horror, lies, corruption and so on. I've had people comment to me many times after reading this blog about me not reporting good news. It goes like this, "you just post the bad things that are happening, isn't there any good news out there?" Frankly there is. I guess in my opinion people too easily latch onto the good news to trick there minds into believing everything is OK. Well some things are OK but we are miles away from everything being OK. The best news we have right now is the fact that in less than three weeks we can vote this President, and all that and those that come with him, out of office and inaugurate a new one in about three months. If that's not enough good news for you then you haven't reached the tipping point yet.

Tipping Points?
500 U.S. national-security specialists say, Iraq War Most Misguided Policy Since Vietnam.

You don't say, Halliburton's Interests Assisted by White House.

GOP-paid firm faces voter-fraud charge.

Who's next if they steal this election too? Bush's Endless 'Predictive' Wars, and are your kids young enough to escape them?

Tom Friedman was pissing me off before he took his vacation but it seems to have done him dome good. I think he reached his tipping point, Addicted to 9/11. It's all the Bush administration has. Without fear then you have to look at the record and that's their fear.

I didn't take my advice on the debate last night. It probably had everything to do with the fact that this was the only debate I've been able to watch live so far. It's also because it was the same as the other three only different. What I mean by that is that it was Kerry looking good and Bush trying not to look bad. Kerry answering the questions with serious answers and Bush trying to answer the questions the right way, the way he's been trained to do. Also the questions were bad and the moderator did a bad job. More on that from dkos:
This was billed as a debate on domestic issues. So where were the questions on:

Gas prices
Stem cell research
Energy policy
Transportation policy
I'm not sure how it is where you live but gas prices here are if not within a few cents of an all time high and that hurts bad. No mention of that. Nothing about the corporate crime we had to suffer through or worker rights either. The cheap labor conservatives will always steer clear of those issues. I also thought there were too many touchy feely questions, too many about religion. Bob Scheiffer did his best to pimp for Bush by laying of the serious questions. We all know that CBS has been through enough this election season. I didn't watch much of the post debate spin. I did listen to the phone calls on C-SPAN afterwards and they all thought their candidate won. The interesting thing was how most of those for Bush included his religion as why they are voting for him. Is that why Bob did it? To help Bush shore up his base? Shame on you Bob!

But to wrap up the debates I think the biggest thing to come out of them is the fact that Kerry won all three and for a sitting President, war President that is, to go 0 for 3 makes him look weak and the challenger look strong. It makes Kerry into a viable challenger and that is exactly what the BC04 didn't want. So in that respect the debates were very good for Kerry.



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