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Monday, October 18, 2004
War and Lies
I'm sure president's have always lied, especially in time of war. George W. Bush lying about how things are going in Iraq is understandable, to a certain extent, but let me put this in context. I'm sure FDR lied about how things were going during WWII at times. I'm sure early on he didn't want the citizenry to get too down when things weren't going well. And in that respect, morale of the country during a war, I think most people can understand a few untruths about conditions in Iraq. Sooner or later, if it goes on too long, the lying that is, people start to believe you have a problem with reality. But I see major differences between the two wars. WWII was a cause the majority if not most of the country was for, understood, sacrificed for and believed had to be fought and won. Whatever you think about Iraq none of that applies. It may have applied at the start of the War on Terror(WoT) and Afghanistan in particular. I think most people in this country believed and understood and were for and willing to sacrifice for at the beginning of the WoT and the invasion of Afghanistan. Iraq on the other hand is a war of choice and more and more Americans every day are realizing it was a bad choice. And I think that is why George W. Bush's lies are now coming home to roost. Now most are not for this war, do not understand why we are still there, not only are they unwilling to sacrifice but most have not been asked, and they don't believe it needed to be fought.

So when I read articles like this, A War Without Reason and this, General Reported Shortages In Iraq, is it any wonder that I believe that we never intended to leave Iraq and that chaos was the post-war plan? The issue of the citizenry not believing in the war is a big one but an even bigger one is when the military starts to understand that the cause is not worth dying for, Platoon defies orders in Iraq. I wonder what new lie our Commander-in-Chief (The War President) will tell us about this?



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