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Tuesday, November 09, 2004
More on the Election and the Smokescreen
I am stuck between analyzing the election results, so far, or trying to deal with the fact that the election was stolen again. So I have decided to err on the side that the election results are not correct. I think anyone, whether you agree who won or not, can see that all the votes have not been counted. Remember they do not count absentee or provisional ballots unless it's a close election. And then there is spoilage:
The election in Ohio was not decided by the voters but by something called "spoilage." Typically in the United States, about 3 percent of the vote is voided, just thrown away, not recorded. When the bobble-head boobs on the tube tell you Ohio or any state was won by 51 percent to 49 percent, don't you believe it ... it has never happened in the United States, because the total never reaches a neat 100 percent. The television totals simply subtract out the spoiled vote.
With this in mind how can the election results be analyzed when all the votes have not been counted?

The smokescreen, er, I mean the invasion of Falluja has begun. This is being used to make sure that the media has something to report on instead of being able to pivot one bit to the problems with the election. The media will do whatever it can to make sure that war without end and fear are ramped up to make sure you don't see what is going on behind the curtain. There is only one person on TV, so far, who cares about this and it is Keith Olbermann.

Here are some interesting stats
Did Bush Lose... Again?
In Florida, the figures show that, in counties with one type of voting machine, voters with no Democrat or Republican party affiliation appeared to split their votes roughly 50/50 between Bush and Kerry, which was to be expected; yet in counties with another type of voting machine, unaffiliated voters seemed to vote nearly 100% for Bush!

Maureen Farrell
Another Rigged Election? The Elephant in the Voting Booth
On election night, Peter Jennings looked measurably surprised when he learned that President Bush had provided a tape of himself, sitting in the White House, commenting on his impending victory. It was an unprecedented move. No sitting president had ever addressed the nation while polls were still open. It was just not done. But there was George, exuding confidence, offering an election day reminder of our leader's legitimacy.



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