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Monday, November 15, 2004
Today's Roundup
As I look over the morning web sites about what is happening in our world and country It is amazing. We are now engaged in collective punishment in Iraq. It looks like we are back to, Vietnam style, destroying the village, and it's people, in order to save them, A city lies in ruins, along with the lives of the wretched survivors. None of this should be happening. Remember what your President told you 18 months ago? If not let me remind you, "Major combat operations in Iraq have ended." So here we are killing civilians to liberate a city. Or as Cursor puts it:
Although a Marine commander declared that "We have liberated the city of Fallujah," U.S. forces have launched new airstrikes.
They are teaching the Marines how to speak Orwellian. I'm sure it says in the military manual, as soon as you liberate a city call in airstrikes. For this administration to stand before you and claim that they are for a culture of life is disgusting. The slaughter of innocent civilians in Iraq since the beginning of the war is sickening. That does not even mention our soldiers, 59 US Soldiers Killed This Week, that have died because of this needless war. Remember, Saddam was not a threat to us. He and the Iraqi people had never done anything to America. He did not have an Air Force and was unable to defend his country in any way from our attack. He was an ex-CIA front man who had outgrown his usefulness. Oh yeah, and by the way, he didn't have any WMD.

It looks like our military strategy, which I spoke about last week, of telegraphing our move into Fallujah has really paid off for the resistance fighters in Iraq, Attacks Spread Through Iraq's Sunni Areas. With our main thrust in Fallujah the rest of the resistance has been able to coordinate attacks all over the country. Which leads me back to one of my recurring theories. What would happen if Iraq was pacified, elections were held, and democracy reigned. We would have to leave and Iraq would be run by Iraqis. Is that really what this administration wants?

Now to the domestic front. Bill Frist tells us too bad about 200 years of Senate rules, precedent and procedure, the Senate will do as I say or else:
"One way or another, the filibuster of judicial nominees must end," Dr. Frist, Republican of Tennessee, said in a speech to the Federalist Society, a conservative lawyers' group. "The Senate must do what is good, what is right, what is reasonable and what is honorable."
And we all know that Bill Frist knows what is good, right, reasonable and honoralbe. Don't we? This is just more proof that one-party rule is not democracy.

Someone at Zogby says, I Smell a Rat:
The first sign of the rat was on election night. The jubilation of early exit polling had given way to rising anxiety as states fell one by one to the Red Tide. It was getting late in the smoky cellar of a Prague sports bar where a crowd of expats had gathered. We had been hoping to go home to bed early, confident of victory. Those hopes had evaporated in a flurry of early precinct reports from Florida and Ohio.
Here is a good state of the election post.
Here are Some General Questions for the new AG nominee.
Colin is gone. Too bad he didn't leave when his dignity and reputation were still in tact. The only problem with this is what psychopath will they choose to replace him? Oh yeah, did you hear about the Purge at the CIA ? Welcome back to George Bush's America!



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